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Wireless smart home automation specialist based in Surrey/London for all your lighting, heating, security and smart home needs. We specialise in design, programming and installation of smart home devices and systems. Z-wave specialists.
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Security is peace of mind and this can be achieved by being alerted to where somebody is in real-time. A noisy alarm is only useful if somebody acts on it, but if you are alerted to an intrusion via text message or mobile notification then you can act quickly and more effectively.

With the aid of carefully chosen and well-placed motion and window sensors we can provide you with an added security system that will alert you to any intrusion or attempted intrusion of your home.  You can choose to have a traditional audio alarm, whilst a message is sent straight to your mobile device and any additional devices of your choice. You will be told at what time the event has taken place and which rooms have been entered.  With the addition of an activated camera, streaming straight to your phone or tablet and backed up to the cloud, this provides a dynamic and effective security system that will be monitoring your home as and when you want it to.

A few benefits of a smart home security system



  • Cameras can act as a live monitor
  • security breaches are reported live to any chosen devices
  • events can be viewed in real-time
  • lights can be activated/deactivated
  • locks activated/deactivated
  • notifications about open windows/doors