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Wireless smart home automation specialist based in Surrey/London for all your lighting, heating, security and smart home needs. We specialise in design, programming and installation of smart home devices and systems. Z-wave specialists.
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Protect your home with an added layer of security.

We are offering a ‘piece of mind’ package that covers all the main bases of home protection and an added layer of security. Kodus will supply, install and programme  the protect package. We will also include 30 days of online help incase you need to change anything once you have lived with the system or want to create some  custom scenes. The package price is fixed at £499, there are no monthly charges and no subscription.




This weekend only we are adding a water sensor completely free of charge. For more info, fill out the contact form below.

The Hub x1

You’ll receive one hub, the brains of the outfit and your connection to a smarter, safer home. The Hub controls your devices, updates them and keeps them healthy. Your hub hub is also the connection to the outside world and will need a broadband internet connection.

Motion Sensor x1

Motion sensors will inform you in real time if there is movement in your home. Your hub will send you a message, and send messages to anyone you choose (neighbour, family).

Water Sensor x1

The Water sensor will inform you in real time if there is water leaking in a specific area. Your hub will send you a message, and send messages to anyone you choose including your plumber if you have a good relationship with them!.

Door/Window sensor x2

These discreet little sensors will alert you to a door or window being opened, giving the heads up in real time and making you aware of what is happening in your home.  It will also remind if you have left a door or window and send you a message if you leave the house and have forgotten to close something. Let’s face it, we’ve all been there!

Lighting control x2

Lighting control can change the look of your home in many ways. It can make your home look occupied, it can change and react to any set of parameters like someone knocking on the door or somebody opening a gate giving a truely customised experience. It can also change the feel of your home whilst you are in, creating customised lighting scenes and dimming modes for dining, watching a movie, doing  home work and making sure no unused lights are ever left on saving energy and money.

To summerise, for a one off payment of £499 you will receive all of the above products, installed, programmed and tested.

Additional products and devices are available, and fully interoperable with anything you have already received from Kodus Solutions should you wish to upgrade your system.

The aim of this package is to give you the essential products needed for a future proof home automation system to build on, without any of the hassle and guess work associated with the home automation minefield.


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