Energy Management - Kodus Solutions
Wireless smart home automation specialist based in Surrey/London for all your lighting, heating, security and smart home needs. We specialise in design, programming and installation of smart home devices and systems. Z-wave specialists.
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Energy Management

Energy Saving


Saving energy is important and should be important to you and your family. The benefits of reducing our energy consumption are both long-term and more immediate when you factor cost. Lights, TV’s and appliances being left standby on are the biggest sources of wasted energy in the domestic home, we can change this. Lights and appliances only need to be on when being used, with some careful planing and the strategic use of smart apps designed for you we can make sure you are only using the energy that you need to using, intern saving you money and helping to make a greener future for all of us.


Having spent 17 years working in the lighting industry we can also help you make more energy efficient choices when it comes to lighting and how best to apply and control your lights, please don’t hesitate to ask is you need advice.