Welcome – Kodus Solutions
Wireless home automation specialist based in Surrey/London for all your lighting, heating, security and smart home needs. Design, install and programming of specially selected devices for the consumer.
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Wireless smart home specialists

Our aim is to provide clients with a unified wireless smart home. We bring together technology and research and knowledge to make your home Smarter. Our team offer design, installation and configuration of handpicked devices. These devices are specifically picked to meet your needs and can be easily retrofitted into your home.

We have spent time testing all of our products so that you don’t have to worry about compatibility, reliability or overall function. Kodus will design a bespoke package, tailored to your needs, that automates most of the daily functions of your house. For anything outside your daily routine a one touch solution or voice control can be used.

If you know somebody that has special needs or requirements around the home then we can design a safety-net system or an alert system to give a helping hand with day to day tasks.

Our smart home devices use low power, wireless communication to form a network around your home or business and are constantly monitoring, checking temperatures, watching for movement, checking for smoke or water, making sure your home or business is always protected should anything occur you will know immediately.